curriculum vitae

1991-93 after the diploma (master of arts 1991) scholar at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, Prof. G. Horlbeck
1993-94 ] Philip Morris scholarship: residence at the Museum Castle Moritzburg
1994-95 DAAD-scholarship: printmaking at the Royal College of Art, London, Prof. Mara
1995-96 education computergrafics in Dresden, mediadesign
1996 Artist in Residence, Herbert Art Gallery, Coventry, England; lectures und workshops at the University of Art and Design, Coventry, about the 1994/95 developed anvil-printing process
1997-07 bying, rebuilding and renovating the studiohouse in Doberlug (ceramics, wallpaintings, frescos), arranging my own printing workshop
since 1997 intensive work with ceramics and porcelain: cooperation with Saxony Porcellain, Freital and Duravit, Meissen ("Dresden China"),
international windmill symposium in the „Saxony Swiss
„bordertravel 21“- international art project between Chemnitz and Karlovy Vary (Czechoslovakia)
1998-07 honory work in different kinds of schools (learning disabled, primary school, secondary school, grammar school, universities specialised in printmaking
further training for art teachers
since 2004 film projekts („election advert“ 2004 , „angle of view“ 2004-05, „interplay“ 2006, „national anthem“ 2008, "my ARTuS!-project" 2009)
2006-09 ARTuS!-Project: development of creative offers for the extension of (art-) lessons, integration of art-aesthetical processes into the learning processes in schools
2007 Wrexham Print International Residency with workshops and presentations at Yale College, NEWI and Wrexham Arts Centre,
birth of my daughter Jolina and child-raising leave
2009/10 printing in my workshop, sculpturing
since 1995 freelance as painter/printmaker/sculptor
many exhibitions in germany and other countries